Bugs & Issues

Have you tried fixing any bugs in our issue tracker? There are a monstrous number of open issues, but fortunately most of them are not real bugs.

Investigating Issues

All issues are tagged with the reporter’s OS and a convenient link to the page they saw when they reported the bug. You can click the link provided to open sandcastle up to the exact same problem that the user was facing.

Please comment on the issue to say whether it is an invalid or valid issue by doing one of the following:

  • Writing realbug in your comment if it is a valid issue.
  • Writing notabug in your comment if it is an invalid issue. This would be the case if the user misunderstood the question, or if you cannot reproduce the issue.

Feel free to include more information in your comment regarding what the underlying problem might be. If you think you can fix the issue try submitting a pull request to fix it!

Browsing Tagged Issues

There is a minimalist ui for the github issues page which lets you look at issues sorted by exercise. This is super useful if you’re looking to see if a particular exercise is disproportionately problematic

Additionally, this page also lets you filter by exercises with realbug / notabug tags. Amazing!

Sesame: Our Chrome Extension for Issues

If you use Chrome, check out this Chrome extension that opens the same problem locally when you type the letter o! It sounds silly, but this is incredibly useful if you have a backlog of a couple hundred issues you’d like to clear out.

Learn more about sesame in this fantastic blog post

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